Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IAF QueueManager: Agent groups are not being updated

Issue: If a QueueBot has a group listed in their agent list. After the administrator changes the content of the group in the Sametime directory, the change is not seen in the QueueBot (i.e. the old group is still what is used by the QueueBot).

Solution: There are three ways for the QueueBot to refresh the group list:
1. When the QueueBot starts, it will pull the latest group list.
2. Agent Options Menu option 13 is to refresh group list
3. The QueueBot has a setting where it can automatically refresh the group list every hour

If those don’t work, then the issue is with the Sametime server. I don’t know why this happens, but with some servers, even if you change the group contents in the directory, the change is not seen until the Sametime server is restarted. This can be tested by changing the contents of a group, then adding the group to a Sametime client. If this issue exists on your Sametime server, you will see that the old group is added.

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