Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IAF QueueManager: Multi-chat is not working

Issue: Multi-chat is not working.

Solution: This is always an issue with configuration. One important thing to remember is that the Queue names in the Queue Definitions section of the Notes database must be case sensitive. When creating a Queue definition in the database, first click to Create a new definition. Second, for the first field, click to select the Queue’s name from the directory picker. Third, in the third field (override canonical name), type in the name of the QueueBot as you see it in the person’s buddylist (must be case sensitive here; also be sure that you are looking at the name as you would see after adding it to the buddylist (in other words, make sure your not looking at a display name which was entered custom by the user)). You can test this by just trying to open multiple chat windows with the username listed in Queue Definitions from the agent’s Sametime client

Or the problem may be that they cannot successfully retrieve the QueueDefintions from the database (This can be seen when they click the Retrieve button in the CannedResponses Preferences page in the agent’s Sametime client). In that case, the URL is usually wrong. You can test this by opening the URL in a web client.

Additionally, the problem could be the wrong version of the Sametime client. It must be a Sametime 7.5.1 CF1 client.

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