Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Imtegrity: How do I enable and retrieve trace files?

1.) On the server console please type the following command:
> tell imtegrity version

2.) Imtegrity.log – Located in your Installed Imtegrity file.

3.) Imtegrity.text -- Enable Imtegrity diagnostic output to: domino\trace\imtegrity.txt
1.) This can be enabled by navigating to: Program files\Imtegrity

2.) Check Enable Imtegrity diagnostic output to domino\trace\imtegrity.txt

3.) stop service and start service.

4.) Let that text record grow a little and then disable it to avoid it getting too large and please send the imtegrity.txt

We will take a look at the files and let you know how to proceed ASAP.

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