Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IAF QueueManager: Issue with adding agents to the Queue (resolving agents)

Issue: When trying to add ANY agents or groups into the Queue (on the Instant Agent Settings window) when you type in a name and click Add, you see text at the bottom of the Add window saying “User Not Found.”

When you go and look in the debug file, you see this line indicating that the resolve failed:

frmAddNewAgent: m_UserManager_UserResolvedFailed() User: Andrew Brousseau/US/Instant

Again, this happens with anyone you try to add.

Solution: The issue here is that directory assistance is enabled on the Sametime server that the QueueBot is logging into. Or the directory assistance is setup incorrectly. The way we fix this is to go into the Server Configuration document and make the field which asks for a directory assistance database blank (thus turning off directory assistance).

The screenshot below shows where the directory assistance database is defined.

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