Friday, September 5, 2008

IMtegrity: Chats get logged but not imported

Q: Chats get logged but not imported:

Please check the content of the \logs folder (the actual location of that folder is defined on the 'Logs' tab in the IMtegrity configuration tool (imtconfig.exe)
- Start the IMtegrity Coniguration tool (imtconfig.exe), and click the 'Log' tab.
- Make sure that logging is enabled and that a proper path is set as the log folder and that 'XML' as the file format is enabled.
- Check the content of the log folder. Are there any .xml files at all in this folder?
- Also, set the 'When importing XML files, log:" setting to "Details" so that more information will be logged to the Domino server console
- Imtegrity 4x uses it's own server addin task to perform imports.
If the .xml files are piling up the \logs folder but don't get imported into the database, then please check if the imtegrity addin task is loaded (via >show tasks).
If it's loaded, check if it's paused or running (you can see that in the output from >show tasks).
If it's paused, then enter >tell imtegrity resume
If it's loaded and running, then you should run the imtegrity configuration tool and set the XML import logging to "Debug" and then perform a >tell imtegrity import
It should provide quite some output which says whats going on. Either an error or a successful import.
If you get errors, you should send us the error along with the offending log file(s).
IMtegrity Version 3x only:
- Is the Domino importer agent running? You can verify this by entering "tell amgr schedule"
- The '(agImportXML)' agent should be scheduled to run.

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