Monday, October 27, 2008

QueueManager cannot resolve any names

Problem: I have added agents to my the agent list, however none of them recieve chats. Also, I have looked at the debug logs and they say that the user names cannot be resolved.

Debug Output:

Solution: There are two known issues which may cause this. Another problem may be that you are spelling the name wrong. Try different variations; try their fully qualified name; try there CN= name...

One known issue has to do with the resolve returning multiple names. If you are trying to add TestUser1 to your QueueBot, but in your names.nsf users TestUser1, TestUser10, TestUser100 all exist, then the QueueBot cannot handle that. When the QueueBot tried to resolve TestUser1, all three of those names are returned and the QueueBot does nto know how to handle that.

Another known issue is with Directory Assistance. If the DA is not setup correctly, then the QueueBot will have issues resolving names. The DA is setup in the server configuration document:

You can test this by clearing this field so that the DA is not used and then trying to resolve names in QueueManager (you may need to restart the Sametime server after clearing the DA field).

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