Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blank chat views and Adjusting for different Content ID types in OCS R2

There may be a difference on the content type table in the lcslog where we check whether OCS 2007 or OCS R2 communicator is being used and a blank page or rtf/html formatting where your chats should be showing will be the result.

Archive Viewer now adjusts for different Content ID types in OCS R2
Content ID types are located in the ContentTypeId table under the archiving Db, lcslog.

There are 4 different content types and ID's in the lcslog of the
ContentTypeId table:

1: All chats are initialized with plain text and will always start with 1
2: Office communicator 07 is using RTF
3: File transfer-html
4: Office communicator R2 is using HTML

This table may show different Ids according to environment as below:

An updated build: OCSAV 4.05 is now available for issues related to the content table.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Procedure to enable the selective replication between 2 servers hosting the ITS database.

Suppose for example we have 2 servers Server1 and Server2 and ITS database on each server have chat room names prefixed with sr1 and sr2 respectively like sr1: Place1, sr1: Place2, sr2: Place1 and sr2: Place2...etc. Now the goal is that when both databases gets replicated then we shouls not see the room prefixed with sr1 on Server2 and vice versa. The selective replication formula for Server1 will be SELECT !(@Begins(txtChatPlaceDisplayName; "sr2"))

The selective replication formula for Server2 will be SELECT !(@Begins(txtChatPlaceDisplayName; "sr1"))

Monday, April 13, 2009

Using East Asian Fonts

Step 1: Install East Asian Fonts

It is recommended that Windows 2003 Server be used when Queues need to be configured for East Asian fonts.

To install East Asian Fonts take following steps:
1. Go to “Control Panel”
2. Start the applet “Regional and Language Options”Go to “Languages” tab and select the option “Install files for East Asian languages”
3. Go to “Languages” tab and select the option “Install files for East Asian languages”

4. When prompted insert Windows Operating System Media and complete the install process.
5. After installing fonts verify that required font character set is available. To verify click the “Details” command button on the “Languages” tabNext you should see the “Text Services and Input Languages” dialog
6. Next you should see the “Text Services and Input Languages” dialog

7. Expand the drop down and verify that the required language names are available.

Step 2: Configure Queue using the required East Asian Language

Take following steps:
1. Start IAF Queue Manager
2. Go to Tools, Instant Agent Settings…
3. Next you will see “Instant Agent Queue Properties” dialog
4. Go to “Basic Text Resources” tabSpecify text messages in the installed east Asian language
5. Specify text messages in the installed east Asian language

6. Save the settings
7. To verify that settings have been saved correctly, open the ADF file using Wordpad (do not use Windows Notepad) and you should see the messages in the selected East Asian Language

8. Queue is now setup correctly.

IQM: Enable agents to see Customer question before they accept a chat request

Take the following steps:

1. Start Instant Queue Manager
2. Load ADF file
3. Go to Tools ->Instant Agent Settings…
4. Next you will see “Instant Agent Queue Properties” dialog
5. Go to “Queue Properties” tab
6. On the tab select the options: Get Customer request before locating an agent

7. Next go to “Basic Text Resources” tab
8. Edit the message for “Ask Queue Agent”. Make sure the keyword %Question% is specified in the message. This will enable Queue to send customer question to agent.
9. Click Ok and save settings

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Requested registry access is not allowed

1. Open the IIS, select the virtual directory and right click on it and select the properties.
2. Select the directory security
3. Click on Edit.
4. Uncheck the anonymous access.

I am not able to view chat conversations

The user you are logged onto the machine may not have a sip uri. Try logging into a machine with a user id that has a sip uri address.

I can see everyone's chat conversations

Uncheck the “Enable anonymous users access…” option in the admin panel in the Basic Settings tab.

The Web page or XML page cannot be displayed

You are not able to view the Arhive Viewer website or you recieve the following error when browsing the ITIMArchiveViews page from your IIS virtual directory:

"The XML page cannot be displayed"

You may need to register ASP.NET 2.0.

cd to the Framework folder using cmd.exe and issue the following command: aspnet_regiis -i

For Example:
D:\\WINDOWS\\Framework\v2.0.50727> aspnet_regiis -i