Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blank chat views and Adjusting for different Content ID types in OCS R2

There may be a difference on the content type table in the lcslog where we check whether OCS 2007 or OCS R2 communicator is being used and a blank page or rtf/html formatting where your chats should be showing will be the result.

Archive Viewer now adjusts for different Content ID types in OCS R2
Content ID types are located in the ContentTypeId table under the archiving Db, lcslog.

There are 4 different content types and ID's in the lcslog of the
ContentTypeId table:

1: All chats are initialized with plain text and will always start with 1
2: Office communicator 07 is using RTF
3: File transfer-html
4: Office communicator R2 is using HTML

This table may show different Ids according to environment as below:

An updated build: OCSAV 4.05 is now available for issues related to the content table.

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