Monday, May 4, 2009

Capture and Encrypt patterns like Social Security numbers with IMtegrity

You can capture id's, SSN's or other important patterns and tag, email them for viewing and/or encrypt them.

1. Open Instant IMTegrity 4 Configuration (imtconfig.nsf) and highlight action rules.


2. In the menu, select "New Action Rule"

3. Enter Rule name, Rule description and server.


4. Select value: "All of these" and enter the pattern you would

like Instant IMTegrity to capture. For example: ###-##-####

5. Select participants and other details you require.

6. Select whether you would like to have it emailed or tagged to view in the

tag section of your chatlogs.

View tagged content in your chatlogs!

Encryption Options
7. Check "Encrypt chat messages"

8. Specify users for encryption and decryption and view.

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