Friday, May 1, 2009

Steps to enable Anonymous logins to Sametime Server

Steps to enable Anonymous logins to Sametime Server are as follows:

1. Start Notes Client, login as Sametime Administrator

2. Open the STConfig.nsf database located in the Domino-Sametime Server

3. Next you should the screen as specified in stconfig.png

4. Open the item under the “AnonymousAccess” category as highlighted in the screenshot

5. Next you should see the document as in following screenshot. Make sure your setting match with that of screenshot

6. After updating and save the settings

7. Next we need to ensure that anonymous users are authorized to resolve other users and view their status. Go to the URL: http://serverFQDN/servlet/auth/admin. Login with Administrator privileges.

8. Navigate to Configuration -> Community Services node

9. Go to the tab Anonymous access

10. Make sure anonymous users have access to resolve and watch users. Refer screenshot

11. You will need to save your settings and restart the Domino Sametime server

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