Wednesday, June 24, 2009

.xml files are piling up the \logs folder but don't get imported into the database

IMtegrity V4 does NOT use a scheduled agent anymore, it uses it's own server addin task to perform imports.
1. If the .xml files are piling up the \logs folder but don't get imported into the database, then please check if the imtegrity addin task is loaded (via >show tasks).
2. If it's loaded, check if it's paused or running (you can see that in the output from >show tasks). 3. If it's paused, then enter >tell imtegrity resume
4. If it's loaded and running, then you should run the imtegrity configuration tool and set the XML import logging to "Debug" and then perform a >tell imtegrity import
It should provide quite some output which says whats going on. Either an error or a successful import.
5. If you get errors, you should send us the error along with the offending log file(s).

Monday, June 15, 2009

"server busy" error when viewing the Archive Viewer through the Communicator and we need to restart IIS frequently to get the page to come up

Start IIS:
1. Right click on "Web Sites" -> Properties and Click "Home Directory" tab
2. Click "Configuration", "Cache Options" tab
3. Set "Cache limited ASP files in memory" to "5"
4. Set "Cache limited ASP files on disk" to whatever your disk has space for (default to 2000)
5. In the application pool folder, right click on your application pool
6. Select Properties.
7. In the recycling tab, set to recycle every 10 mins, after every 1000 requests, maximum virtual memory: 50MB, Maximum memory used: 50MB.
8. Remember to restart IIS after making these changes.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Set Environment variable "NOTESNTSERVICE=1"

If logging is enabled and Instant Agents are running as Windows NT Service you will need to set the following environment variable:


This environment variable ensures that the Lotus Domino Server, when running as a Windows service, remains running after the user who started the service logs off the system.