Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Updating the value of default URL in TeamSessions plug-in preferences for deployment

Administrators would want to update the default URL to point it to their Team Sessions server for easy deployment. Take following steps to update the URL.

1. Download the plug-in install site from (if you do not already have the install site) using your login credentials

2. Unzip the install site

3. After unzipping the install site you should see the ‘’ file in ‘\plugins’ folder.

4. ‘’ is a standard zip file.

5. You will need to extract this jar file using any popular zipping application like WinZip or WinRar.

6. After extracting the jar file you should see the ‘’ file in ‘\com\ibm\collaboration\realtime\instant\team\settings’ folder.

7. Open the ‘’ file using any text editor.

8. Update the value for the property: SERVER_URL to point it to your Instant Team Sessions server.

9. Format of the value should be: http\://your server FQDN/itsessions.nsf/ChatPlaceID?ReadViewEntries&Count\=2000

10. Save your changes and close the properties file.

11. Next use your zipping application to create back the zip file from the folder.

12. Rename the created zip file ‘’ to:

Now the updated plug-in jar can be pushed to Sametime clients using the install site. We used WinRar while following above-mentioned steps.

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