Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Chat Services are not Available" and "Instant IMtegrity FATAL ERROR: Log file error(s) while starting session...

"We are seeing IMtegrity FATAL errors and users are getting the following prompt:"Chat Services are not Available" and losing their chat services."

The problem is that the core Imtegrity logger is unable to write the XML files.

Please enable debug tracing in the IMtegrity config tool. This will produce a trace\imtegrity.txt file which should have more detailed errors.

1.) This can be enabled by navigating to: Program files\Imtegrity

2.) Check Enable Imtegrity diagnostic output to domino\trace\imtegrity.txt

3.) stop service and start service.

4.) Let that text record grow a little and then disable it to avoid it getting too large and please send the imtegrity.txt to

The “Chat Services are not available” error is due to the chat logging type being set to STRICT on purpose in Imtegrity, for various reasons.
- Most of our customers are REQUIRED to log chats due to regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley
- The only way to immediately detect any issues with logging is via strict logging. In relaxed capture mode, things proceed as if nothing has happened, so you'll potentially NEVER find out that logs are not accurately captured.

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