Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How can I change the interval setting for uploading chats?

By default, the server add-in task imports chat logs every 60 seconds.

To see the current import interval, enter the following console command:
> tell imtegrity interval

To change the import interval (for example, to 2 minutes = 120 seconds), enter the following console command:

> tell imtegrity INTERVAL 120

This changes the import interval to 120 seconds.

Note: It is not recommend to set the import interval to less than 5 seconds due to the load/overhead
placed on the system.

Available TELL command line options

The server add-in task supports a variety of TELL commands to configure it at run-time:
> tell imtegrity HELP lists the available command line options
> tell imtegrity VERSION shows the current version and build date
> tell imtegrity INTERVAL shows the current import interval
> tell imtegrity INTERVAL n sets the import interval to "n" seconds
> tell imtegrity PAUSE temporarily pauses the importer
> tell imtegrity RESUME resumes previously paused imports
> tell imtegrity IMPORT performs a one time manual import (useful when in PAUSE

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