Monday, October 26, 2009

How do I send trace logs for Instant Archive Viewer?

When experiencing issues, a trace file can be created. It can be done by enabling a trace to a text file, reproducing the issues and then sending this file to us.

Steps are below for Versions 3.041 and newer:
1. Enable trace to a text file in the support tab of the .../Admin/index.aspx page.
2. Check "Generate error log in a text file"
3. Save
4. Reproduce the issue and please send to:

Steps below are for 3.040 and older:

1. Go to the Support tab in the .../Admin/index.aspx page

2. Click on the .../Admin/Trace.axd link

3. Clear current trace

4. Reproduce the issue

5. Go to the "Support" tab again and click on the .../Admin/Trace.axd link

6. Select "View Details"

7. Take a screen shot of all errors in red under "Trace Information" and please send to:

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