Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How do I set up Instant Measurements?

The Instant Measurements Suite is a plugin application that extends the capabilities of Instant Queue Connections, as well as other Instant products. It is a Lotus Domino application, distributed as a template (.ntf) file.
  1. Perform the install of Instant Queue Connections.
  2. Extract the install image for Measurements, if you haven't already done so.
  3. From within Lotus Notes, with administrator privleges on the same server as your Queue Logging database, create an application (database) from the ITMeasure.ntf file. You can put it anywhere you like on the server, but it is recommended to be in the same subdirectory as the Queue Log database, for simplicity.
  4. If you created the Queue Log database using the default name, in the root of the Notes/Domino data directory, then you're done with the install of Instante Measurements, and can skip to step 9.
  5. If you didn't use the default name (QueueLog.nsf), or if you placed it in a different directory than the default data directory's root, then open the ITMeasure.nsf (or whatever you called it) database from a Notes client. You will be presented with a welcome page, which contains a link to the setup profile document.
  6. Click on the link to open the setup profile document. The document is broken into tabs, with the first for Instant Queue Connections. The other tabs are for future use of the plugin with other Instant Technologies' products (such as Instant IMtegrity or Buddy List Administrator).
  7. Select the field for File Path, and enter the path and file name where you installed the Queue Logs database during the install of Instant Queue Connections, relative to the default data directory.

    For example, if your default data directory is on a Windows-based server, in a folder called "C:\Lotus\Domino\Data\", and you installed the Queue Connections databases in a subfolder called "IQConnect", and you used the default name for the Queue Logs database, then you should type "IQConnect\QueueLog.nsf" in this field.
  8. Select the "Save and Close" action button at the top of the form. This completes the installation steps for ITMeasure.nsf. Continue reading for the steps to link IQConnect with ITMeasure...
  9. From the default Instant Queue Connections application, select "Edit Global Settings" at the top of the user interface. The list of queues will be replaced by a global settings document.
  10. In the "General" section, locate the field labeled "Url to the reporting database". Into this field, enter the URL of the ITMeasurements application you just created.

    For example, if the ITMeasurements application were installed using the default name, and in the IQConnect subfolder, as in the example above, you could enter the relative URL, such as the following:
    You can also enter the fully qualified URL, if you have a single server setup hosting the web sites, such as www.instant-tech.com, you could enter the following:

    Note that the items following the ? are required for the user interface to "plug-in" and merge properly with IQConnect.
  11. Select "Update" in the global settings page to save your changes. Setup is complete.

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