Monday, October 12, 2009

How do I upgrade Instant IMtegrity Version 4 point release to a newer version 4 point release?

Un-install Instant IMtegrity 4
  • Step 1: Shutdown the Lotus Sametime Server (but leave the Domino server running!)Make sure that there are no chat log XML files in the IMtegrity logs directory anymore:Check the logs directory for any remaining .XML files. If there are any, wait until Domino has imported them into the imtchatlog.nsf database. By default, imports run every 5 minutes.
  • Step 2: Shutdown the Lotus Domino server
  • Step 3: Un-install "Instant IMtegrity 4" using Add/Remove Programs. (When prompted to reboot the system, it is safe to choose "Later". You only need to reboot the system after you finished the upgrade)
Install Instant IMtegrity 4.x upgrade
  • Step 4: Install "Instant IMtegrity 4 upgraded version"
  1. Unpack the IMtegrity 4 ZIP file which contains the installer
  2. Run SETUP.EXE
  3. Click "Next" at the splash screen
  4. Click "Next" at the welcome page
  5. Read the license agreement and click "Next" if you accept it
  6. Select the target installation folder and click "Next"
  7. Click "Next" to start the installation
  8. Click "Close" to exit the installer
  • Step 5: When prompted to reboot the system, click "Yes"
It is required to reboot the system at this time. IM chats will not be logged until the system
has rebooted.

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