Thursday, December 3, 2009

Create a rename request in AdminP database and pull the same to BLA

Open Lotus Administrator, open the desired server by using 'File --> Open Server'

Browse to 'People', select the user you want to rename and then click rename on the right navigator.

In the next dialog, click on 'Change Common Name' and provide the servers's certifier ID.

Click 'OK' to the next dialog to confirm the expiration date.

Provide the new details of the user and click 'OK' to create a rename request in the AdminP database.

Provide the command 'Tell Adminp Process All' in the domino server console to immediately process the rename request you had created.
Once the rename request has been executed, a log document will be created under the rename request which will then be imported to the BLA using the action 'Import Requests from AdminP' in the BLA database.

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