Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How do I manually include the users or groups for access to the Search and Discovery web page of Instant Archive Viewer for OCS?

It is possible to manually enter users and groups for access to use the Discovery section of Instant Archive Viewer for OCS which serves as an alternative to using the Directory picker shown below in ...itimarchiview/admin/index.aspx

Here is a the Directory picker to choose the Users or Groups in the Active Directory. We will be manually configuring this instead.

To manually configure these users for access to Discovery section...

1. First navigate to ...:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ITIMArchiveViews\Admin folder.2. Open DiscoveryConfig.xml in notepad:

The format for entering the user or group names is:

Domain Name\Display Name


Note: Be sure the "Domain Name\Display Name" is within "" start tag /GroupOrUser> end tag

Follow the instructions above to manually configure The extended search section for complete Archive Access as an Alternative to the AD Directory picker:

The location of the extended search configuration file is:

Here is an example:

For The Managers and Access groups section shown below:

Use Admanager.config located in the same directory: wwwroot.itimarchiveviews/admin/admanager.config. Open and edit in notepad.

Here are the tags, their format and uses:

1. AdGroups = Contains the GroupName,Managers, ManageUri, Members Uri and Members Tags

2. GroupName= The Group to Manage
Format: Domain name\Display name

3. ManageUri= the URI of the Manager
Format: 'user@domainname.com'

4. MembersUri = the member's Uri that will be managed
Format: 'user@domainname.com'

5. Members = the Display Name of the members of the group to be managed
Format: 'Display name'

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