Monday, March 29, 2010

Configuring Web Client availability based on local time and visitor location

At times the Administrators would want to conceal Queue link on a web page from users of a specific region (city/state) or during specific hours of the day.

To hide the Queue link from users of a specific region add the following javascript variable in the api.html (page) header:

var State_code="<< State Code Goes Here >>";

This will ensure that people of the specified region are unable to view Queue link.

To make the Queue link available to users only during your working hours add the following javascript variables in the api.html (page) header:

var clientSystemDate=calcTime('+10.5'); //specify GMT offset
var chatStartTime=setcalcTime('+10.5','9'); //specify working hours start time
var chatEndTime=setcalcTime('+10.5','18');  //specify working hours end time

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