Monday, March 1, 2010

Steps to configure Instant Archive Viewer custom tabs for the OCS R2 Communicator with IIS 7.0

1. Create a new folder on any drive with any name. For example: “CustomTab”.

2. Copy the tab.xml, tab.png and tab1.png from the“Itimarchiveviews” folder and paste in the newly created “CustomTab” folder. This folder can be found in “c:\inetpubs\wwwroot”.
3. Open the IIS and right click on Default web site:
And click on “add application”, the following window will be opened:

Type any alias name, For example: “Tabxml”. For the physical path, select the folder that you had created earlier, “CustomTab”. Give the path of this folder. Click on “connect as” and give the user name and password.

4. Now select the TabXml From IIS, and right click on it and click on “switch to feature view”, you will see the following screen:

5. Double click on authentication and enable “Anonymous Authentication”, from the right panel.

6. Open the folder “customTab” and open the tab.xml file and replace the “localhost” with the IP or domain name. Example below:

Also make sure you can access the URL the tab.xml file and the tab.png image in a browser. If so, close this file.
7. Navigate to the “ ITIMArhiveviews” folder located in the “c:\inetpubs\wwwroot” directory. 8. Right click on the file “tab.reg” and select edit:

Update the "TabURL" = "http://localhost/... and replace localhost with the domain or IP of the server hosting the application.

For example: "TabURL"=http://mydomain/tabxml/Tab.xml

Note: make sure this URL can be accessed from a browser.

8. Close this file and double click on this tab.reg file to create a registry on this machine and repeat or deploy tab.reg to all desired workstations with communicator installed.
9. Log out from the communicator and login, you will find the custom tab enabled:

Note: You may need to include the tab.xml in your trusted sites or intranet by choosing Tools> Internet options>Security within your browser settings.

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