Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Installation Check List for Instant Queue Manager V4

This section contains the list of items that should be ready before the setup program can be executed:
1. Ensure that all the three databases have been successfully created on the domino server:
a) IQM V4 Configuration database (typically named: ITQConnect.nsf)
b) Queue logs database (typically named: ITQueueLogs.nsf)
c) Measurements database (typically named: ITMeasurements.nsf)
2. Verify that you have a dedicated Notes ID (credentials) that can access these databases
3. Verify that these databases can be successfully accessed via Internet Explorer from the system which will run Instant Queue Manager V4
4. Make sure you have created a bunch of Sametime accounts for the following purposes:
a) Queue Entry Point(s). Queue Entry points are typically named: HelpDesk, Support Desk etc…
b) Interview Entry Point(s)
c) Expert(s) which will service incoming requests in the queue
5. Install SUN JDK 1.6 on the system which will run the Instant Queue Manager V4
6. Install Apache Tomcat Server 6.0
After the above mentioned prerequisites have been met you can proceed further and run the IQM V4 Setup Program.

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