Friday, May 14, 2010

Installing IMtegrity 4.1.X on Domino and Sametime 8.5.X

In version 8.5.X the core chat logging has remained the same, however by default, Lotus has introduced a new feature in the sametime.ini file making chat logging a configurable setting. For more information visit the infocenter link:

Please follow the steps below to install Imtegrity and configure the new setting for Sametime 8.5.X:

1. Run the Setup
2. Next
3. Agree. Next.
4.Choose your folder for the Program. Next

5. Yes. This will restart your machine and install IMtegrity

6. You should see the Instant IMtegrity Configuration Program in
the chosen directory and two Database will be installed in your Lotus\Domino folder.

7. Make a copy of STChatlog.dll

8. Paste and name it STchatlogimtegrity.dll.

9. You should now have two same dll files with a different name: STChatlog.dll and STChatlogimtegrity.dll

10. Locate the sametime.ini file in the same Lotus\Domino directory

11. Open the sametime.ini in Notepad

12. Under [ST_BB_NAMES] locate ST_CHAT_LOG=N/A

13. Change the setting to ST_CHAT_LOG=imtegrity

14. Save the sametime.ini file

15. Restart Sametime services

16. All chats should now be logged in the imtchatlog4.nsf 

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