Friday, July 23, 2010

Archive contents of a Instant IMtegrity Chat Logs database to a another database

Issue: You would like to either reduce the size of your production Imtegrity database or ‘archive’ conversations from a previous year, conversations older than a certain date, or some other criteria to a backup database.

Solution: Enable the Lotus Domino archive feature as outlined in the following steps:

Open 'Instant IMtegrity Chat Logs' database using IBM Lotus Notes'

Locate the just opened database in the workspace, right-click and browse 'Application --> Properties' and click on 'Archive Settings...' in the next dialog shown below

In the archive settings 'Basics' tab, select the option 'Domino Server based on' and in the field 'to the Domino Server' specify the target server on which the archive database needs to be created.

Under 'Criteria' tab, new archive rules can be created, existing rules can be edited and rules can be enabled.
Within the same window, the filename and path of archive database can be specified.
Leave the other tabs 'Advanced' and 'Schedule' with default settings and click 'OK' to save the archive settings for this database

Since this is a server based archiving, a Program document needs to created to schedule the archiving task.

From the IBM® Lotus® Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab and expand the Server section.
Click Programs.
Create or edit a Program document.
On the Basics tab:
      Type 'Compact' in the 'Program name' box.
      Type '[IMtegrity Chat Logs database path and name] [options]' in the 'Command line' box
Specify option '-A' for Archiving and deleting documents from the database without compacting the database. 
Specify option '-a' for Archiving and deleting documents from the database and then compacting the database. 

Type the server name in the "Server to run on" box.

On the Schedule tab:
Select Enabled in the Enabled/disabled box.
Select the time for archive task to run in the "Run at times" box.
Select a repeat interval, if any, in the "Repeat interval of" box.
Select the days of the week in the "Days of week" box.
Save and close the Program document.

To manually run the archive task use the following command line in the Domino server console.

'load compact [database] [options]'

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Enable agent to to send chat transcript mail to customer in QueueLogs database

Please perform the following steps to enable the agent to send chat transcript to the customer.

Open the QueueLogs database using IBM Lotus Notes Domino Designer.
Browse to 'Code --> Agents' and double click on 'Agents'

From the agents list select the agent 'MailSendOnEveryQLogCreatedToCustomer' and click 'Enable'

Select the server from the dialog prompted and click 'OK'

By performing the above stepts, the agent to mail chat transcripts to the customer will be enabled. 
This agent will run every time a log document is created and if it has valid customer email address, chat transcript will be mailed to that email address.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Customizing Web Client look and feel

Color scheme used by web client can be easily tweaked. All the customizations are specified in the CSS file named “style.css”.

This file is located at
<<Apache Install Folder>>\Tomcat6.0\webapps\ITFramework\webclient

File contents are as follows:


Updating the color hex codes will be instantly applied to chat client. You can also append HTML element attributes as per your needs.

To update the logo displayed on the chat client you will need to update the file: logoFrame.html

File contents are as follows:


You will need to update the path to the image tag to point to your logo.