Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How do I secure the Admin page for Instant Archive Viewer for OCS?

To secure the Admin page: http://hostname/itimarchiveviews/admin/index.aspx, do the following:

Admin Page for Instant Archive Viewer shown above
1. Open the admin page in your browser
2. Go to Basic Settings Tab
3. Check the "Check for secure admin access" check box.  By enabling the secure access check box, only the users who are members of the builtin Administrators group will have access to the admin page by default.

To configure other users to have access to the admin page, do the following:

1. On the host machine for the Instant Archive Viewer Application, navigate to the following directory: inetpub\wwwroot\itimarchiveviews\web.config.
2. Open web.config in notepad
3. scroll down till you see the following connection information:
    add key="AdminSecurity" value="builtin\Administrators"
4. Add the users you would like to give access to separated by semicolons:
add key="AdminSecurity" value="builtin\Administrators; ocs\kcarbonneau; ocs\jsmith; ocs\ljohnson"
5. Save the web.config and restart IIS
6. Access the admin page with the user you have selected to give access to in the web.config.

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