Thursday, October 28, 2010

Installing IMtegrity on an IBM Sametime 851 "logging server" server in a multi-server IBM Sametime server environment

There are many situations, within multi-server IBM Sametime deployment, where a Sametime administrator may need to capture all of the Sametime chat conversations that take place on the local Sametime community server, regardless of whether the conversation was initiated on the local server or a remote server. 

For example, if 2 IBM Sametime community servers are located in different locations, possibly Switzerland and China, then in earlier releases of Sametime it was standard practice to install chat logging on both servers.  However, it might not be feasible, or possible, to install chat logging on both servers, and the administrator of one server may need to install chat logging on one server, and have it capture all of the chat conversations on that server, regardless of the 'home' server of the user, or the location of the user who initiated the conversation. 

With IBM Sametime 8.5, it is possible to configure the logging properties of the Sametime server to capture all chat conversations that are brokered by the community server, regardless of the location of each user.  This functionality is not specific to Instant IMtegrity, but is available at the local Sametime server level, and enables a Sametime administrator to capture all of the chat conversations that traverse the local server. 

Previously, when installing Instant IMtegrity in a mixed multi-Sametime Server environment or "logging server" (for example: logging only on the home servers of those users who require logging), it was required to install IMtegrity on each Sametime Server in your Multi-Sametime Server environment.

Here is a link to an IBM article that describes the various IBM Sametime logging properties:

1. Install IMtegrity using the standard IMtegrity default installation options

2. After installing IMtegrity, will need to change the following setting in the Sametime.ini file located in the Domino Directory:


3. Restart your Sametime server to have the new option recognized

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