Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Enabling group access for OCS Archive Viewer for multi-domain environments

1. To enable group access in a multi-domain environment. Make sure to check, "GC", in the Admin page under the "Basic Settings" tab. This will allow the AD browser to render all groups and users in all domains.

2. Go to the Extended Search Tab or Discovery Tab of the Admin page.  Add the groups by clicking Add groups or users.

3. Use the drop down menu and search the Netbios setting for the groups you would like to give access to.

4. Now try to access the discovery or extended search page: .../itimarchiveviews/extendedsearch/index.aspx.--- with the user in that group.
Please note, if the Instant Archive Viewer website is not in the Trusted Sites of internet options of your browser, it will automatically login using the login credentials you used for Windows on the machine itself.
Also be sure that the user is enabled for communications in OCS.

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