Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to search chat converations between two users in LCS Archive Viewer for Live Communications Server

Searching between users can be done in LCS Archive Viewer by following these steps:

1. Go to the Admin page and make sure Enable anonymous is unchecked

1. In IE, go to tools, Security and check that the website is added to trusted sites. This will enable a window prompt to set the user name and password.

2. You will need to login as one of the users you are searching for. For example: If you are searching for the word "Ldap" between and, You will need to login as impeople\lcsbot1. (note: you will need this user's password)

3. After logging in as the user (in this case vmhost\lcsbot1 because I am on the local IIS server) you will see the conversations of only this user and no one else's.

4. Now go to the "Search" tab and click Advanced Search.

5. Now enter the word you would like to search for, (in this case "LDap") and enter the other user you would like to search on in "with user", in this case ( Just enter the username before the @ sign. For example: lcsbot2

6. Now double click on any of the results to view the chats.

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