Monday, February 14, 2011

Instant IMtegrity V 4.13 Released - Sametime Chat Logging and Compliance

In response to a customer enhancement request, Instant has released a point upgrade of IMtegrity, our Lotus Sametime chat logging and compliance application. Instant IMtegrity version 4.13 addresses an enhancement request importing certain image files.
The point release is available to existing Instant Imtegrity customers who are current on support and maintenance. Information is available on the IMtegrity product page:

What's new in Instant IMtegrity 4.13:
Fixed error "Subscript out of range (#9)" when importing chat log files containing images.
Fixed another instance of error "Font size must be between 1 and 250, or STYLE_NO_CHANGE (#4364)" when importing files with HTML formatting.

What's new in Instant IMtegrity 4.12:
Fixed error "Object variable not set (#91)" when merging transferred files starting with an !exclamation mark in their file name.
Fixed error "Font size must be between 1 and 250