Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How To Search Sametime Chats by Date and User Using IMtegrity

Recently, a customer requested information on how to search the IBM Lotus Sametime chat repository using Instant IMtegrity and the Lotus Notes advanced search options. The following example shows how an advanced search may be used to in order to perform a custom search of the Sametime chat repository.  

Here is an example below searching by Date and User.

Locate the "More" tab to open up the functionality.

Within this tab, there are a number of search conditions to choose from:

These choices allow for many different scenarios. 

Search criteria are then listed for review: 

Results are returned in a standard format:

Instant IMtegrity is flexible and can supply quick results based on your criteria.  This can be a valuable time saving technique, with the right adjustment.  Instant IMtegrity, combined with the native search and discovery tools provided by Lotus Notes, creates a powerful application to capture, search, and discover IBM Lotus Sametime based chat conversations.

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