Thursday, October 27, 2011

Locate License Key and Debug Info for Buddy List Administrator

Instant's Buddy List Administrator is managed using a Lotus Notes database.  The database provides the UI to manage typical Lotus Sametime buddy list management functions (renaming users, deleting users, pushing contacts to a user's buddy list, etc..)

View License:

In certain cases, you may need to review or update the license key.  The license key is available by
  1. Opening the database using a Lotus Notes client
  2. Clicking the 'Settings' option on the left navigator
  3. This will display a view of server configurations
  4. At the top of the view (in the actions bar) the 'Update License' button will display the current license information

View Debug Logs

In order to help troubleshoot certain types of issues, it may be useful to send Instant certain log files - typically if an activity does not process correctly.

The Activity Logs area will provide a list of all of the activities that have been processed by the system.

Click on Activity Logs
Select Activity Logs By Date
Select a log document
Open the log document
Click on the 2nd tab and either mail instant the debug document or copy the debug text and mail the debug text to Instant

Here is a debug page - showing status for the activity

Here is the debug page - after selecting the 2nd tab

Enable Server Console Output

In order to see all of the output from the console out, you can enable the console output in the server configuration settings document.

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