Thursday, November 17, 2011

Searching IMtegrity Chat Logs Database

How To Search Sametime Chats between 2 users in an Instant IMtegrity Chat Logs Database

Recently, a customer requested information on chats between 2 users using Instant IMtegrity.
The following example shows how an Lotus Notes advanced search on IMTegrity chat logs database may be used to in order to perform a custom search and retrieve the desired results.
Before proceeding to perform a search we need to make sure that IMtegrity Chat Logs database is Full text indexed.
Open the IMtegrity chat logs database using Lotus Notes. Click on 'View' --> 'Search This View' which will enable search bar above the currently opened view

The green icon on the search bar indicates that the database is full text indexed. If not click on action 'Create Index' to index the database
After confirming that the database is full text indexed, click on 'More' to the right of search bar to open advance search options
For example here we will search chats between Vivek and Prashanth.
To perform this search type the text 'vivek and prashanth' in the 'Search for' text box and on click of 'Search' will retrieve the results between Vivek and Prashanth

The search performed can also be saved for future references by clicking on 'Save Search'

If the search results needs to be refined further based on date then click on 'Date' in 'Conditions' section.
Here we will refine the search results between dates '11/01/2011' and '11/16/2011'
Select the dates in the dialog box presented and click on 'Add'

After adding the date criteria click on 'Search' again to refine the search results
To take the print out of the search results, select the required documents or select all by clicking 'Edit' --> 'Select All'

After selecting the documents, click on 'File' --> 'Print' 

In the Print dialog, select PDF creatorand make sure you select 'Selected documents' under 'What to Print'
Click on 'OK' to generate the PDF out of search results

The following is a preview of the PDF generated out of the search results

Please find youtube video of the above through the link
Instant IMtegrity is flexible and can supply quick results based on your criteria.  This can be a valuable time saving technique, with the right adjustment.  Instant IMtegrity, combined with the native search and discovery tools provided by Lotus Notes, creates a powerful application to capture, search, and discover IBM Lotus Sametime based chat conversations.

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