Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fix to Sametime Directory Applet 'Loading Directory...' and Sametime incorrect logon error

The following steps needs to performed to fix the below issues

  • Sametime Directory Applet error 'Loading Directory...' 

  • Sametime incorrect logon error when web applet is being loaded

Open the Sametime.ini file located in the Sametime server installation directory (the default directory is C:\program files\lotus\domino)

Locate the key 'STAuthenticationMethod=' under '[AuthToken]' and this value needs to set to '1'

1 is the default value and means the server will allow both Sametime and LTPATokens
0 is the value that will force the Sametime server to use LTPATokens.

Save and close the  Sametime.ini and restart the server

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