Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Determine Activity Count In Buddy List Administrator for IBM Sametime

Instant's Buddy List Administrator enables the centralized management and server based control of IBM Sametime contact lists.  Buddy List Administrator has the ability to add public groups, add private groups, rename contacts, remap IDs, completely delete contacts lists, as well as various other features. 

One common use of Buddy List Administrator is in the self provisioning of users.  In this scenario, Buddy List Administrator is included in an automated work flow process to pre-populate the contact lists of newly registered users (Sametime accounts).

The following steps enable administrators to determine how many Buddy List Administrator activities have been executed within a BLA database.

Navigate to the Activity Log Summary view:

The total number of records in this view will provide one snapshot of the number of activities processed by the engine.  So, if there are 600 records in this view, then the system has processed at least 600 activities.

In addition to inspecting the Activity Log Summary view, the system keeps a running count of total number of activities processed.  This internally managed value is visible by using the following steps:

Navigate to the Activity Log Summary view (you may want to use the Activity Log by Date view):

Or you can open the Activity Log By Date view

Open an Activity Log Summary document

Open  the most recently executed summary document:

Click on Advanced Log Output

Within the output, you will see some text that includes a count of the total activities executed.  The text will have the following syntax:

ITDominoSession.incrementActivityCount - total activites is now :

This will provide a count of the total number of activities processed by the system.

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