Thursday, January 31, 2013

Refresh Documents in Instant Queue Logs Database

There are several situations where when the design of Instant Queue Logs database is updated, existing documents need sto refreshed so that the fields will recompute.

The following is the procedure to refresh the selected documents in Instant Queue Logs database.
  • Open the Instant Queue Logs database through Lotus Notes client.

  • Browse to a view in which the documents needs to be updated. Lets take example of view 'Agent Availability By Agent & Date'
  • Select all documents in the view (CTRL+A)
  • From the Lotus Notes menu click ‘Actions --> Administration --> Refresh Selected Documents’ to refresh the existing logs to recompute with the updated design

Friday, January 18, 2013

Updating Instant Team Sessions Plug-in Settings Programmatically

Take the following steps to modify the settings:

1. Access the Settings INI file
Path to plug-in settings file is as follows:
<< User's profile folder i.e. c:\users\username >>\AppData\Roaming\Lotus\Sametime\.metadata\.plugins\

2. Contents of file look like the following screen shot:

3. List of settings
   As specified in the above screen shot, the settings which need to be modified are as follows:
   st76483478_serverURL: Instant Team Sessions Server URL
   st76483478_username: Username, typically same as your Sametime Connect Client username
   st1773149419_password: Password for the username specified for the above mentioned username

4. Format of settings key is as follows:
 <<Community ID>> + setting

5. Code snippet to read settings is as follows:

6. Code snippet to write settings is as follows:

7. Complete code sample can be downloaded from

For information on password management, please contact Instant Technologies