Friday, January 18, 2013

Updating Instant Team Sessions Plug-in Settings Programmatically

Take the following steps to modify the settings:

1. Access the Settings INI file
Path to plug-in settings file is as follows:
<< User's profile folder i.e. c:\users\username >>\AppData\Roaming\Lotus\Sametime\.metadata\.plugins\

2. Contents of file look like the following screen shot:

3. List of settings
   As specified in the above screen shot, the settings which need to be modified are as follows:
   st76483478_serverURL: Instant Team Sessions Server URL
   st76483478_username: Username, typically same as your Sametime Connect Client username
   st1773149419_password: Password for the username specified for the above mentioned username

4. Format of settings key is as follows:
 <<Community ID>> + setting

5. Code snippet to read settings is as follows:

6. Code snippet to write settings is as follows:

7. Complete code sample can be downloaded from

For information on password management, please contact Instant Technologies

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